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Defeatism is acceptance of defeat without struggle. In everyday use, defeatism has negative connotation and is often linked to treason and pessimism. However, defeatism can, on occasion, have positive consequences. The opposite of defeatism is triumphalism. Defeatists tend to be pragmatic in choosing their losses, while triumphalists believe that faith will triumph over all.

The term is commonly used in the context of war: a soldier can be a defeatist if he or she refuses to fight because he or she thinks that the fight will be lost for sure or that it is not worth fighting for some other reason. The term can also be used in other fields, like politics, sports, psychology and philosophy. The term is derived from the French défaitiste, circa 1917, in reference to the Russian forces, who had signed an armistice with Germany.[1] Ironically, Lenin adopted the term in his slogan "Revolutionary Defeatism" [2]