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deviantART is an online artist community. It allows users to register for free and present their art in individual galleries. Recently, deviantART has allowed users to organize their galleries into folders, whereas before there was simply the main gallery and scraps. Works of all media and literature are accepted, though there is some limitation on content. The most popular artwork tend to be of the anime style, while they offer place for all types of art. Digital art is among the most popular but there is still a large quantity of photography and writing.

DeviantArt has very loose content guidelines, and prohibits what it defines as pornography while allowing sexually explicit themes so long as the specific criteria for constituting "porn" are technically avoided. Depraved fetish art including sexualization of death and murder are disturbingly common.

Liberalism tends to be the dominant political mindset of users on DA, though the site itself previously had no official stance on the topic, and all viewpoints (as well as arguments over them) were allowed to be posted. But recently, DA started censorsing non-liberal viewpoints, such as opposition to Black Lives Matter and fake genders.

On May 20, 2020, DeviantART switched to the Eclipse version made by WIX. The Eclipse version was infamous for being implemented without any say from the users (and in fact, the vast majority saying "no" to adding it in at the expense of the old site being permanently taken down), as well as being forcibly added-in while still suffering from severe glitches and a blatantly incomplete form.

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