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The Disney Channel is a popular television channel that is shown in many countries throughout the world. In its early years, Disney Channel showed family friendly programming that was meant for children and teenagers, along with adults as well, but this has changed since live-action sitcoms geared toward preteens and teenagers became more popular with the channel's viewers, starting with the debut of Lizzie McGuire in 2001. Programming includes sitcoms such as Good Luck Charlie and Sonny With A Chance, animated programs such as Fish Hooks and Disney movies like Camp Rock, along with Disney Channel original movies.

Many pop stars started their careers from Disney television shows and movies. This includes Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Jake Paul, Selena Gomez and others.

On many occasions Disney Channel emphasizes liberal propaganda to children, such as environmentalism, multiculturism and most recently, the homosexual agenda. A majority of the channel's live-action sitcoms are also formulaically produced in "cookie cutter" fashion, presenting interchangeable perky main characters, dimwitted sidekicks of the main characters and smart-aleck younger characters while depicting adult characters (such as parents and authority figures) as clueless (with the animated series Kim Possible and the live action series Even Stevens being notable exceptions regarding the bit about adult characters' characterizations, especially the parents), and storylines and plots are frequently reused, with only slight tweaking, again and again across all of those shows.

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