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Dissenter is called the Free Speech web browser. It is an open source browser fork of Brendan Eich’s Brave Browser, which itself is a fork of the web browser Chromium. It's available for Windows 64-bit, Linux and macOS systems. Dissenter blocks Tech ads and trackers by default. Eventual support for crypto wallet integration in future builds.

Dissenter's best and most unique feature is the comment capabilities that allows conversations around individual URL's. Also available as a browser extension for other 32-bit/64-bit browsers. Much like the 3rd party internet service Disqus, you can leave a comment on a page. If you are blocked from a website or blocked from commenting, you can still comment with the Dissenter platform. Dissenter builds into pages their button for Facebook comments, their button for Wikipedia comments, for Twitter comments. It is a widely popular concept to continue debate even when Silicon Valley tech companies take away your First Amendment rights. Not just those pages either, any page from any URL, a comment can be left. You are required to have Dissenter to be able to view the Dissenter comment section.

Dissenter was built by Gab.com, a free speech software company that powers the free speech social network Gab.

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