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At Uffizi, on the facade of the Gallery building.

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi Donatello lived from 1386 to 1466. He was an influential artist and sculptor of the early Renaissance. Donatello was born and lived in Florence.

Donatello, was the preeminent genius of early Renaissance sculpture in Italy. [1]

In about 1415 he delivered the first free-standing Renaissance sculpture, The Statue of St. Mark. In 1430, Donatello made his most famous statue - the astonishing bronze David, a boy in a saucy hat with the head of Goliath at his feet. [2]

In 1453, his Equestrian Condottiero Erasmo da Narni was set up in Padua.

Donatello Condottiero Erasmo da Narni.jpg

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