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Donnie McClurkin is a Grammy winning gospel singer[1] and former homosexual who became pastor after his conversion to Christianity.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Controversy

Due to his ex-gay status, and especially the politically incorrect claim, supported by personal experience, that he was delivered from the sin of homosexuality, he was denied participation at the concert devoted to celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. The Washington Mayor Vincent Gray who orchestrated his last-moment removal from the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial gave in to political pressure of intolerant activists of totalitarian LGBTI ideology and defended the decision with statement that it was necessary “So that Donnie McClurkin’s participation did not become a distraction from the goals of the program”. McClurkin denied the mayor’s claim on mutual decision and called his removal the act of discrimination, intolerance and deprivation of civil rights, ironically the very topic of Memorial.[2]

International publicity

The case, portrayed as example of intolerance occurring in contemporary US society, was also mentioned in the former Slovak minister of interior Vladimir Palko’s criticism of Theodore Sedgwick, American ambassador to Slovakia,[3] for encroaching upon Slovak internal affairs and exporting LGBT propaganda to Slovakia (before the 2013 local Gay pride, Sedgwick flied a rainbow flag out of the US Embassy balcony in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia[4]) in return for Slovak loyalty to USA after 9/11 and sacrificing the blood of Slovak citizens in Afghan and Iraqi missions. Palko, criticizing also American liberal media such as CNN for not covering the cases of this kind, calls this a “silly deal” and compares, with great deal of irony, the endeavors to solve the problems of gay community by means of the spreading the gender ideology to communists' attempts to fight the poverty by spreading their totalitarian ideology of communism.[5]


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