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Douglas Vincent Mastriano, known as Doug Mastriano (born January 2, 1964), is a Pennsylvania Republican state Senator and former colonel. With the endorsement of former U.S. President Donald Trump, Mastriano easily won the 2022 Republican gubernatorial primary. However, he lost in the general election to the popular Democrat Josh Shapiro, a former state attorney general lionized in the liberal electorate. Wikipedia falsely slammed Mastriano as "far right," largely because he questioned 2020 election fraud in Pennsylvania.[1]

Joining Mastriano in defeat was Dr. Mehmet Oz, who lost the U.S. Senate election to the disabled Democrat John Fetterman. Along with Democrat U.S Senator Bob Casey, Pennsylvania is represented by hard-core anti-life liberals.


Mastriano supports investment into the natural gas and coal industries. Mastriano called for ending all contracts with voting machine companies like Dominion Election Management System, and he proposed the banning of private funds such as Mark Zuckerberg, who donated heavily to influence elections in six or more key states. Mastriano promised to end vaccine mandate and CRT in public schools. Had he been elected, Mastriano promised to sign into law the proposed Heartbeat Bill legislation and to end any state funding to Planned Parenthood in favor of funding for counseling and adoption services.[2]

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