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Edgar Michael Feghaly

(Independent Baptist missionary in the Muslim world)

Edgar Feghali.jpg

Born February 11, 1949
Beirut, Lebanon

United States residence in Knoxville, Tennessee

Spouse Rosann Mary Feghaly

Two children:
Mitchell and Julie

Edgar Michael Feghaly (born February 11, 1949)[1] is an Independent Baptist missionary whose work has been primarily in his native Lebanon and other portions of the Middle East, including Iraq but also various parts of Africa. He preaches the personal message of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and its power to overcome the temporal and to change the direction of people's lives. He has planted many churches in what his book jacket describes as "dark, needy places throughout the Muslim world."

Feghaly received Christ in Beirut, Lebanon, at the age of seven, at a Sunday school operated by a missionary from a nearby church. His mother, of the Greek Orthodox faith, encouraged him in his conversion, but his father, a merchant and a Roman Catholic, was at first hostile to his son's decision. In time, the parents became active Baptists through years of war and devastation in Lebanon. In 1974, Feghaly accepted a scholarship offer from Dr. Robert Reynolds "Bob" Jones, Jr. (1911-1997), to attend Bob Jones University, a Christian liberal arts university in Greenville, South Carolina, from which he graduated in 1980. With his formal education, Feghaly returned repeatedly to Lebanon to carry out his mission which began with the planting of the Bible Baptist Church in Haddath, Lebanon. He reaches out to Lebanese Arabs and persons of African descent. He is joined on the mission field by his wife, Rosann Mary Feghaly (born August 9, 1956), who was reared in upstate New York. The couple have two children, Mitchell E. "Mitch" Feghaly (born 1984) and Julie A. Feghaly, who at times had to be returned from Lebanon to the United States for personal safety in the midst of unyielding terrorism and warfare.[2]

In 2016, Feghaly published a short autobiography highlighting his Christian experiences in the Muslim world. He recalls how he and his family were repeatedly spared from imminent danger through what he is convinced was divine intervention. Affiliated with the World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions, Feghaly maintains a United States address in Knoxville, Tennessee, having previously resided in South Carolina and Michigan as well[2]


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