Edmund I

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Edmund I

King of England
In office
October 27, 939 – May 26, 946
Preceded by Athelstan
Succeeded by Edred

Born 921[1]
Died May 26, 946
Gloucestershire, England

Edmund I(921-946), king of England (939-946), was eighteen when he succeeded his half-brother, Athelstan. He came to the throne at a time of renewed trouble in the north with the Irish Viking Olaf Guthfrithsson invading England and forcing Edmund to a peace agreement ceding control of York. However, he was able to take back control of the “five boroughs” (Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby and Stamford) from Olaf’s successor in 942 when the Danish inhabitants of those regions “indicated” their preference for his rule.

From his ability as a war commander – he had enormous prestige from his actions as a 15 year old with Athelstan at the Battle of Brunanburh – and evidence of lawmaking as king, it can be said that he had the potential to be a great ruler. He died when 24, knifed whilst helping to subdue a criminal at a banquet. He was succeeded by his brother, Edred.


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