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King of England
In office
1040 – June 8, 1042
Preceded by Canute
Succeeded by Edward the Confessor

Died June 8, 1042

Harthacanute (c.1019-1042), king of England (1040-1042), was the son of king Canute by his second wife and the younger half-brother of Harold Harefoot whom he succeeded.

He is not well remembered. The "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" tells that he desecrated his brother's body, was an oath-breaker, set punitive taxes, and “let all of Worcestershire be harried” when two of his tax collectors were murdered. “…he never did a kingly thing while he ruled.” it complained. His sudden death, in mid-carouse, at a wedding feast brought his anointed successor, Edward the Confessor to the throne.

Reference: “Anglo-Saxon Chronicle” trans. Anne Savage