Ethelred I

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For Æthelred II, see Elthelred II

Ethelred I

King of Wessex
In office
865 – April 23, 871
Preceded by Ethelbert
Succeeded by Alfred the Great

Born c. 837-847
Died April 23, 871[1]
Witchampton, Dorset

Military Service
Battles/wars Battle of Aescesdun[2] (January 871)

Æthelred I (or Aethelred or Ethelred; Old English Æthel-ræd, meaning noble counsel; c. 845/848 to April 871) was King of Wessex from 865 until his death. He was the fourth of five sons of King Æthelwulf of Wessex, four of whom in turn became king. He succeeded his elder brother Æthelberht and was followed by his youngest brother, Alfred the Great. Æthelred had two sons, Æthelhelm and Æthelwold, who were passed over for the kingship on their father's death because they were still infants. Alfred was succeeded by his son, Edward the Elder, and Æthelwold unsuccessfully disputed the throne with him.

Reference: “Anglo-Saxon Chronicles” trans. Anne Savage