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Eliezer (Hebrew אֱלִיעֶ֑זֶר, God of help) (b. ca. 1 Adar 2513 AM/28 February 1491 BC) is the second named son of Moses.

Life and family

Eliezer was the son of Moses and Zipporah. He was born in Midianite country, because the Bible says that Moses took him, his mother, and his older brother Gershom with him to Egypt after he had received his call to deliver the people of Israel from slavery.[1][2] (Exodus 4:18-21 )

James Ussher stated that he was the son who underwent a circumcision on the way to Egypt.[3] (Exodus 4:24-26 ) Most other authorities say that the circumcision happened to Gershom, not Eliezer. Because Eliezer was already alive, he cannot have been old enough to require circumcision.

In any case, Moses sent his wife and sons back to Jethro, Zipporah's father, shortly before the Exodus of Israel took place. He rejoined his father after the Exodus.[1][2] (Exodus 18:1-5 )

The name Eliezer means God is my help. Moses gave his son this name to pay tribute to God for saving him from the death warrant that the old Pharaoh had signed against him.[2]


The Bible gives no specific date for his death. Because he was not an adult at the beginning of the journey through the wilderness, he survived to enter Canaan. He had only one son, but that son had many sons. (1_Chronicles 23:15,17 )


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