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Definitional learning is an approach to education invented and initiated at Conservapedia whereby students define fundamental terms as clearly and concisely as possible in order to understand concepts better. A website that features Wiki-like software facilitates this process as definitions can be repeatedly improved, and hence understanding and learning advanced.

The theory underlying this approach is that often a student's confusion, or failure to fully understand a concept, is due to a lack of completely and clearly understanding the meaning of the underlying term and why it is important. It is akin to building a house on a rock-solid foundation rather than building it on sand.

Once a student, or adult, understands the foundational term or concept, it is often trivial to apply it or build further on it. Hence the focus is better spent on clarifying the underlying terms and concepts.


Examples from economics include:

Examples from mathematics include:

Examples from science include:

Examples from government include:

Examples from religion include: