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Evolutionary marketing or Evolutionary design is the branding, de facto trademark and the public image of the science movement. Like a company advertises for profits, Evolution marketing advertises to the conscience. The movement is filled with ploys driving for a common goal, prove without a doubt that Evolution is true (without presenting proof). One ploy is to implement the "missing link" strategy. A new fossil find is supposed to represent a piece of the completed puzzle, but the puzzle never completes and we are told to not question this. Then the media, science, universities and other liberals trumpet the findings as a significant achievement. Another ploy is to show the "progression of mankind" where the monkey gradually turns into today's common ancestors. It's an optical illusion, false science and millions of children are taught this in schools worldwide. Man has much in common with the beasts of this world however we are unique and separate form of Human life.

Liberal Progression of Man - The antifalse-science movement presents the progression of man... millions of years into the future. You'll notice the progression of monkeys below the progression of liberal man. The box represents life in the present times. You'll notice liberal man began as a monkey. Over time, liberal monkey man walks on two feet. Liberal man sheds his monkey days and grows into the present day man. The liberal future holds that man adapts over time, almost a more sleek, lean frame. Clearly it appears that the brain is growing during this period. As well, a wing bone emerges from his backside. Also, you'll notice the absence of the monkey below future liberal man. In the future, all beasts have become extinct due to overpopulation of the human species. The last progression of the liberal man, millions of years into the liberal future, wings and feathers. Man evolves into flight to escape, to flee other mankind so as not to become food. So, you believe in Evolution?!? Tell me another funny story.

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