Essay:If Representation Is So Important, Where's The Representation For PewDiePie Subscribers?

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We frequently hear liberals complain about the under-representation of certain groups: in the media,[1] on the news,[2] in the business sphere,[3] among electoral candidates[4] and politicians,[5] in universities,[6] and within the Republican Party.[7]

Well, I am representative of a sizeable demographic which has been vastly underrepresented in the media, on the news, in the business sphere, among electoral candidates and politicians, in universities (or at least among the staff of certain universities), and within the Democrat Party. In fact, many of the above are openly hostile towards us. I am a PewDiePie subscriber. We represent 1% of the world's population.[8]

Despite this, we lack proper representation. How many characters in TV shows and movies, even today, are subscribed to PewDiePie? I count one: Ike from South Park.[9] And where is our representation in the news media? We are definitely represented in the Alternative Influence Network, but not in the mainstream legacy media. They seem to give us the opposite of representation! We are demonized simply based on our YouTube subscription status! And I am sure that many of the students attending various universities and colleges across the globe are, indeed, PewDiePie subscribers, but it is highly likely that most of the Marxist professors working at these colleges and universities are not.

I refuse to remain silent amid this affront to justice. One in every 100 people in the world is subscribed to PewDiePie. I demand representation! How dare you!

We will not quieten ourselves. The voices of all 100 million of us will force you bigoted elitists to listen. We will not be ignored!

Identity politics has come back to bite you.