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The Alternative Influence Network (AIN) is an online political community on YouTube consisting of the Intellectual Dark Web, the alt-lite, and other opponents of social justice warriors.

As with conservatives and classical liberals in general, the AIN has been demonized by the mainstream press.[1][2] YouTube, despite suppressing the AIN,[3][4] is accused by leftists of being a network for radicalization and providing a platform for right-wing extremists.[5]

Since they have been frequently targeted by it, members of the Alternative Influence Network strongly oppose Big Tech.[6] Hunter Avallone, a former establishment conservative (now a liberal), refused to even acknowledge Big Tech's existence, and attacked real conservatives for doing so.[7] Fox News, which according to classical liberal member of the AIN Tim Pool has had the most to gain from YouTube's newest algorithm changes,[8][9] has praised YouTube for directing viewers away from AIN content, which is smeared as "conspiracy theories."[10]

PewDiePie, one of the most popular YouTubers ever, is often alleged to be linked to the Alternative Influence Network, and is falsely referred to by the establishment machine as “alt-right”, "antisemitic" and "racist". In reality, his views seem to lean more left-of-center, and has stated that he does not have set political views.

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