Essay:Liberalism is the root of all racism

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We hear it all the time, liberals accusing conservatives of "racism". It is without a doubt an unfounded attempt to demonize the right. Though let's be really clear, liberals are racist and it is a big part of their agenda. We live in a melting pot of society, we welcome all nationalities to live free. This doesn't mean we are without our faults. Liberals own racism either by their actions or by their mentality. We as a nation are not supposed to pick on others because of skin color or nationality yet the liberals feel that is their mission to do so. They set the agenda, they call the shots on racism.

For instance, identity politics is a liberal term that advances the interests of Americans by separating them into groups of race, gender, sexual orientation and religion. Liberals vote by race as we noticed the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Achievements, merits, principles, experience took a back seat to skin color. Then they accuse others of "racism" for not supporting a president of color. Conservatives support black people more than liberals and more than BHO. Conservatives fight to end abortion yet the liberals support the slaughter of one out of every two blacks. On abortion, the liberals are so demonizing that the rights of a child in the womb is worthless as they are racist against the innocent, they favor the mother or soon to be non-mother. Liberals support affirmative action. Again, separate a group, proclaim them "oppressed" and then give them special "rights", usually at the expense of another group. Another racist liberal method is to support homosexuality rights. But by supporting them, they need to be racist against the religious. They protest openly for all to see their hypocrisy. Liberals make up lies and slander, mock and sometimes physically attack others opposing their racist viewpoint.

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The cause of liberal racism has roots in America's not so distant past. Slavery of African natives on American soil was the Democrats' claimed "right" worth fighting a civil war over. It was Republicans and Abraham Lincoln that would fight for their freedom. It was a racist liberal eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, who formed Planned Parenthood to reduce black populations through abortion. The KKK emerged from southern Democrats that opposed blacks, Catholics and other ethnic groups. Though it took a Democrat President Kennedy to move forward civil rights, it was the southern liberals who made life hell for blacks, and who resisted inclusion of the black race in America. Fast forward to 2009, and political correctness has liberals accusing Columbus of "racism" and they remove his holiday from celebration at Brown University. This is the same Brown University partially built by slaves. The same liberals that refuse to acknowledge their own slavery issue and change the name of the university.

In politics, racism is alive and well. Liberals in the media and Congress accuse others of "playing the race card". They point fingers where no racism exists. They throw out sayings like the Republican Party is mostly made up of white males, even though in reality, Republican membership and support also includes blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans, as well as women. It doesn't bother liberals a bit to use the term "racist" if it furthers their political goals. If a black man is a conservative and supports the Republicans, liberals claim he is an "Uncle Tom" or they say he isn't really black, a racist accusation. The liberals create laws and socialist programs that keep black minorities dependent on the government and on the welfare system. They don't want them to succeed, they want them dependent like slaves are dependent on the master. In academic setting, liberals advance the teachings of Charles Darwin, a known racist. Whereby people are categorized as strong or weak and where the weak were destined to be ruled over and destroyed. Try to teach likewise and the liberals come after you to defend racism. They claim that America was founded not by Christian principles but by slave owners.

The liberals often explain through virtue signaling how "inclusive" they are, how "smarter" they have become. They claim to have moved beyond racism but they are a product of racism and they continue to employ race if it furthers their agenda. The real racists are the godless liberals.