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School is a very boring things for kids. Research and surveys have suggested that kids are tired and bored during school. This is also shown in popular media and our culture. We see in some T.V. shows that kids fall asleep during the school days. This is very true in real life. According to John Taylor Gato; a very popular former school teacher, school is not a benefit for children. School hurts the minds of the children that attend it. This is proven to be true when we see that more schooling in a place causes more depression in the people attending it. Less school makes children happier as we can see in Finland. Finland has the best educational system in our modern world. Kids there are much happier and have less depression. According to the youtuber called red pill philosophy, adhd was a disease that was invented by the government schooling. He says that kids are so bored and when they complain many schools/doctors suggest that they go and take medications. This is a bad idea because kids are bored because they are looking for a challenge and they are wanting to find something that will satisfy their desire to have something fun. Medicine will just calm them down, but it will destroy the potential of the child to find their passions. Please do not let your children take medicine and thanks for reading.

The United States of America is in a very bad state right now. Sadly destruction has come upon it through the elitists and globalist. They have been trying to indoctrinate the masses for centuries. This indoctrination started coming into fruition by Horace Mann. He was the one who had made America adopt the Prussian school system. Later many countries followed suit. The Prussian system was built upon indoctrination to blindly follow authority. This system was used by the elitists of the world to indoctrinate young adults to grow up to be factory workers. That is why in schools there are bells. The bells tell people when they can go, when they come and when they can do things. All things that you need to do must be approved of by a teacher. One thing that bothers many people about this is the fact that many schools force people to eat only at a set time. This could be very detrimental to children with diseases and disorders. Most people get hungry at different times, yet they are not allowed to eat at all. This is indoctrination into blindly submitting to the state. People are led to believe that authority is always right and all that they tell you to do should be done with no questions. Many adults still have this mentality within their own minds. They try to export beliefs to others. Many countries which have absolute dictatorships have also used this system. People like Hitler and the North Korean dynasty used this method to avoid rebellions. They had textbooks and other learning resources which spewed out propaganda towards loving these men. A part of the curriculum which Adolf Hitler had created was hatred of the Jews. In schools all over Germany many young men and women were forced-fed lies about Jewish people and their culture. That is why many people within Germany believed that what the Nazis were doing was noble. Many extracurricular activities were also used to make the young children develop love of Hitler himself. This is just one example of many others which show that school is a very bad thing. It is atrocious how people in our own country are being indoctrinated to this very day. This has even spread to colleges around our country. Aside from the Prussian school system, another source for the current public school system was the radical Enlightenment thought that was popularized in Europe, in particular what is today Germany, during the 1800s, with it being spread to America because at the time, America did not have its own higher education system, many of its colleges being primarily Christian in nature, with several Americans being sent abroad to go to Graduate School levels to get a PhD. As a result, many of them came back indoctrinated with the radical enlightenment ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Benedict de Spinoza, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, David Friedrich Strauss, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer, and Auguste Comte, among others. This likewise led to them forming the Graduate School level being formed in America and thus creating further places for Americans to be indoctrinated into liberal thought by the then-newly ordained heads of the Graduate School program, with their targeting the National Education Association for radicalization into Enlightenment thought, and eventually got expanded through federal funding under Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt as well as Lyndon B. Johnson, the latter via the Higher Education Act of 1964. The Yale headmaster Timothy Dwight had actually warned about this back in his commencement address on July 4, 1799 when explaining how atheistic Enlightenment philosophers such as Voltaire, D’Alembert, and Denis Diderot, as well as the then-King of Prussia Frederick II, had created a six step plan for indoctrinating people into atheism and irreligion, a method he viewed was ultimately responsible for the French Revolution (especially the anti-Christian persecution of the event) and the Reign of Terror, which included among others them and their disciples taking over the French Academy, at the time considered the finest literary society in France, specifically to ensure they, as the only persons of great literary and intellectual distinctions in the country, would exploit this to dictate their literary opinions to the entire nation. As a result of both of these instances, many college kids come out with very liberal ideas. David Hogg is just one of them. He says that we need more gun control in our country and that Americans should not need guns. Many other college kids argue over transgenderism, which bathroom they should use. They argue over what you can identify as. There are many students who skip their classes and go and protest guns. They call this March for life. Many republicans and conservatives call this March for death. They call it that due to the fact that they are marching for the end of gun rights. Many of those who attend these events believe that the second amendment should actually be repealed. They believe that it would help lower the gun violence in our country. They believe that it would stop shooting sprees. That mentality is wrong and you will read why it is wrong. The people who are committing these mass killings are criminals. Criminals do not follow the law. If guns are outlawed like many liberals and democrats want, then law abiding citizens will not be able to own or have access to them. A criminal who wants to kill people can easily get a gun from a black market. They can then go on to kill people like they intended to do before. When you take away guns you are leaving people who won’t harm innocent people defenseless. You are giving people more opportunities to kill without getting shot at back. This is a very dangerous issue that we are dealing with at this time and point in history. Chicago Illinois has the most strict gun laws in our country but it is number 25 on the list of cities with the most murders. This is according to rapid city journal. This is a very conservative estimate of the ranking. Many researches place it at number one. Janice Williams, a writer at Newsweek stated that ” Chicago is known for having the highest number of homicides in the United States, and it’s living up to that reputation by already topping 400 killings for 2017, after four people were killed among 36 shot over the weekend, according to NBC Chicago.” I believe that if America falls it will fall by the actions of its citizens and not by the troops of outside forces. People who wish to cause harm have infiltrated the school system and wish to destroy the population. Right now what we are seeing: prostitution, killings, murders, high amounts of abortions and many other indecencies and crimes. I believe that America has been losing its greatness since world war two. As I have stated earlier schools are for indoctrination to the state. The school system is believed by many people to be a noble thing, and supposed to be best for the kids and a way to get a good education. That is simply not true. School is a way to turn kids into robots. It is supposed to turn kids into a machine by giving the kids inputs and they memorize what is written and return outputs. The foundation for critical thinking has stated that ” , studies of higher education demonstrate three disturbing, but hardly novel, facts:

  • Most college faculty at all levels lack a substantive concept of critical thinking.
  • Most college faculty don’t realize that they lack a substantive concept of critical thinking, believe that they sufficiently understand it, and assume they are already teaching students it.
  • Lecture, rote memorization, and (largely ineffective) short-term study habits are still the norm in college instruction and learning today.”

The teachers of these schools are failing student’s minds. This goes to show how teachers perceive their own education style. They believe that what they are doing is just helping the kids and expanding their mind and knowledge. That is not the case and we need to make teachers aware of these things. We need them to know that we all should change. The milgram tests have been used to study how our society reacts and responds to authority. It was said that around 65% of people would do things if authority told them. Even very inhumane behavior. One such study was when Stanley milgram hired people through newsletters and mail. The day came when the test was to be taken. The participants were told to teach people things and for every mistake give them a 15+ volt shock. All the participants did this even though it was very inhumane.

This is the type of society that the indoctrination of schooling creates. It creates people who are not able to think for themselves. People are not even able to comprehend what to without authority. Many people are not awake to the realities of this world. That is the fault of the schools. It is a distraction from real problems in our society. The school takes up most of the person’s day and people just sleep or play after school. That is not a good thing because if you just go to school and go home and sleep you are irrelevant to society. You are just another one of the sheep who are still asleep.

Many people question how school affects people. Think about this. Children are sent to a place and forced to be taught by someone they have never seen before. Their minds and brains are very impressionable due to their young age. They are forced to go every single day. And now we must fix the system before it collapses the whole world.

The negative effects of school also affect people outside of America. Aside from the Prussian and Enlighenment influences on the school system as noted above, the likes of French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and Michel Foucault also miseducated French students into engaging in nihilistic riots in emulation of the Jacobins, with one notable and particularly infamous example being the May 1968 riots, as well as a similar riot in January 1969 that was orchestrated at the University of Vincennnes, which ironically was created partly as a result of the initial demands made in May 1968. Similarly, aside from making kids submissive to authority, education at times also promotes the exact opposite, although nonetheless awful view of being rebellious specifically to implement more radical left-wing views, with a more infamous example of this being the Frankfurt School's influence during the 1960s and to a lesser extent 1970s.