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Why Christians and Jews are still more fun than atheists!

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Christian wedding dances

"Among the popular Christian wedding dances are the pantomina from the Bicol regions where friends and relatives of the newlyweds throw coins at them". - A Handbook of Phillipine Folklore by Mellie Leandicho Lopez, 2006, page 237

"The Christian wedding dances and songs were therefore new-made, and the wedding cake, so conspicuous at the weddings of white missionaries and settlers were seized upon as the focus of the dance." - The Interpretation of Ritual: Essays in Honour of A.I. Richards, By Jean Sybil La Fontaine, page 194

"In fact, ukureka, as Zulu speakers came to name the new urban dance style, in time became an umbrella term for Christian wedding dances in general." - Music, Modernity, and the Global Imagination: South Africa and the West By Veit Erlmann, page 203

Jewish wedding dances

"Dancing is a major feature of Jewish weddings." - Wikipedia, a website founded by an atheist and an agnostic.[1]

Atheist wedding dance quiz

Survey data and website tracking data of prominent atheists' websites indicate that in the Western World, atheism appears to be significantly less appealing to women.[2][3][4]

The atheist PZ Myers, who is featured in the picture above giving a presentation, recently commented that atheists' meetings tend to be significantly more attended by males.[5] With the above in mind, does this video feature an atheist man with a robust mustache at an atheists' meeting? It certainly does not appear to! Click HERE to see the video and decide for yourself!

Bonus question: Including PZ Myers, how many atheist nerds are in the picture above?

Second bonus question: The Jews have fun Jewish wedding dances. How many atheist dances have you danced at atheist weddings?

Atheism and marriage

See also: Atheism and marriage

Christian apologist Michael Caputo wrote:

Recently the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has published its mammoth study on Religion in America based on 35,000 interviews... According to the Pew Forum a whopping 37% of atheists never marry as opposed to 19% of the American population, 17% of Protestants and 17% of Catholics.[6]

Atheism and dance

See also: Atheism and dance

"Jewish Dance" Alexandr Onishenko, 1999 Judaism has a long tradition of Jewish dancing. For example, dancing is a major part of Jewish weddings.

Many religions and cultures have religious dances that people take part in. For example, Wikipedia, a wiki founded by an atheist and an agnostic, has an article entitled "List of Christian dance, electronic, and techno artists".[7] Wikipedia has no articles which focus on atheist dance.

In addition, dance is deeply a part of African life. According to the book African Dance, "Dance is the soul of Africa".[8] Africa has one of the lowest rates of atheism and nones in the world.[9] See also: Western atheism and race

Western World atheism has no tradition of dancing (See also: Atheism and culture).

Andrew Brown wrote in The Guardian in an article entitled You can't dance to atheism :

...a religion is a philosophy that makes you dance. It pleased me because the book itself can be read as a history of how philosophy grew from dance...

There aren't any overwhelming and inspiring collective atheist rituals...

If I'm right, then liberal, individualistic atheism is impossible as an organising principle of society because any doctrine that actually works to hold society together is indistinguishable from a religion. It needs its rituals.[10]

Why Jews are still more fun than militant atheists


Transliteration Hebrew text English translation
Hava nagila
הבה נגילה
  Let's rejoice
Hava nagila
הבה נגילה
  Let's rejoice
Hava nagila ve-nismeḥa
הבה נגילה ונשמחה
  Let's rejoice and be happy
Hava neranenah
הבה נרננה
  Let's sing
Hava neranenah
הבה נרננה
  Let's sing
Hava neranenah ve-nismeḥa
הבה נרננה ונשמחה
  Let's sing and be happy
Uru, uru aḥim!
!עורו, עורו אחים
  Awake, awake, my brothers!
Uru aḥim be-lev sameaḥ
עורו אחים בלב שמח
  Awake my brothers with a happy heart
  (repeat line four times)    
Uru aḥim, uru aḥim!
!עורו אחים, עורו אחים
  Awake, my brothers, awake, my brothers!
Be-lev sameaḥ
בלב שמח
  With a happy heart

(Hava Nagila article from Wikipedia, a website founded by an atheist and an agnostic.[11])

Atheist militaries and goose stepping

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