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Question for Penn Jillette: The atheist Penn Jilette recently claimed that the atheist population in the United States is over 20% by some polls. [1]

Mr. Jillette, Conservapedia wishes to know what polls you are referring to. Conservapedia hopes you are not counting the non-religious as being atheists because just because someone doesn't attend church/synagogue/mosque regularly or "religion is not an important part of daily life" that doesn't mean they are an atheist (If you read our Atheism and obesity article you would know that).

Mr. Jillette, please respond to Conservapedia's essay Penn Jillette, don't just stand there! Do something! which cites an authoritative 2008 survey which bolsters the view that atheism is but a squeak in American society. Specifically, in 2008, the American Religious Indentification Survey (ARIS) reported 1.6% of Americans self-identified themselves as atheists. [2]

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