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GEOTUS is an acronym for God Emperor of the United States, a nickname given to President Trump. It's popularity and use is exclusively by the younger generation right-wing supporters and fans of the president. It's a popular hashtag on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms. You will find apparel and other merchandise with GEOTUS imagery. The internet culture of video and meme creation further popularizes the topic. Trump's popularity with the Republican base is over 90%.

Many different sources will describe the term GEOTUS in a semi-jokingly way. Trump's fanbase have reasons for its use. See Donald Trump achievements.

Against all odds

Donald Trump announced his candidacy and the world had a collective chuckle. He was immediately written off. The media told everybody he has no chance. In addition, he will never survive a record-breaking 18 announced candidates with decades of combined political careers. The Bush political dynasty was too formidable to overcome. The winner will have to take on the feared Clinton political machine. Trump defeats them all like God is on his side.


Typical New Yorkers have a distinct attitude as compared with the citizens of other American cities and Trump presents himself differently. This makes itself present in Trump's approach and his mastery of the camera. Trump brings a new perspective to the office where carefully crafted messages and timid milquetoast speeches were the normal for decades. Trump supporters are attracted to Trump's unfiltered, no-nonsense conversations with the American people. The Emperor has spoken.

Promises kept

President Trump's fanbase sees a man fighting to lead this country as it was originally intended to run, American values, America 1st and a robust economy the key. Supporters witness record-breaking jobs numbers, economic expansion, skyrocketing financial investments. Obama mentioned Trump paraphrasing what is he going to do to bring jobs back wave a magic wand? Trump's economy can be thought of as the absolute pinnacle of financial success. The Emperor has transformed the nation.

Witch hunts

Democrats are weak after the Obama era ended. Like so many before them, their aim is to defeat Trump at all costs. Corrupt politicians with agendas paid for by powerful special interests unleash fake scandal after scandal. Every little inconsequential aspect of Trump can be magnified into some ridiculous manufactured outrage. Besides the year running for president, President Donald Trump has weathered four straight years of endless attacks. Trump fights through it all. Only a man God-like powers could have this fortitude to press forward and keep winning time after time.

Enemies beware

President Trump has a deep love for the United States of America and the photo of him hugging the flag is just one example. Our enemies across the globe are repeatedly warned not to mess with the United States. Trump laid out a plan to defeat ISIS and two years into the presidency they were destroyed. Iran messes with our embassy in Iraq, Trump eliminates Iran's military leader. North Korea threatens the United States with ballistic missile launches. Trump made statements at the UN threatening catastrophic retaliation for any North Korean attack. Sensible enough to meet face to face to prevent such conflict. Trump projects American power. Trump carries a big stick and he makes sure our enemies understand his position, clearly.

Champions Conservativism

Americans are used to being told a candidate is conservative and cares about conservative values only to find out the words don't match actions. Trump fights for conservative principles. Wins are piling up with judges and the courts, criminal justice reform, gun rights, abortion policy, immigration and border policy, religious freedoms among many more. God and Country individuals have taken notice.

Picture of Health

It is widely believed that President Trump caught the Coronavirus while visiting Cleveland for the presidential debates. The liberal media rushed to judge the outcome and made it a point that the president should no longer be reckless and take seriously the world's deadliest pathogen (sarcasm). Even though his age bracket makes him most likely to suffer the consequences, COVID didn't stop Trump. COVID got GEOTUS, COVID never had a chance. He would be on the move, never relaxing while under physicians care. He felt good enough to drive-by his supporters at the hospital that gathered to wish him well. Our fearless leader sent food to keep the well-wishers happy.

Some infected people have died. Some infected people have been on life support. Some infected people spent months in the hospital battling the disease. In just three short days, GEOTUS singlehandedly defeats the virus and returns back to work at The White House.