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Gaullism is the political philosophy associated with Charles de Gaulle, the former French President. It emphasizes protecting the grandeur of France. Traditionally, this has often meant opposing the interests of the United Kingdom and United States. On the French political spectrum, it is a center-right political philosophy. Former French president Jacques Chirac was an avowed Gaullist.

De Gaulle was very pro-European. He viewed efforts to further integrate the nations of Europe into one workable block as the creation of a 'third force' in geopolitical politics, a sort of in between power between the Soviet Union and the United States. He opposed Britain's special relationship with the United States and blocked her initial application to enter the European Economic Community, saying that she was too close to America on Foreign Policy issues. This issue aside, Charles de Gaulle was most definitely on the American side of the Cold War, and also thanked the Americans several times for their role in liberating France during the Second World War. Like Chirac, he regarded New York to be one of the finest cities in the world.