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Green energy -- often a misnomer—consists of renewable energy sources such as solar cells and wind turbines, which may cause more harm to the environment than traditional energy sources or nuclear energy. Sometimes green energy fails when it is particularly needed, as in windmills typically not working on the coldest days in northern areas. The weather is rarely predictable and relying on an unpredictable system for energy is risky at best.

Green energy is almost always less efficient than fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and almost always promoted by liberals despite this inefficiency.

As an example of the idiocy of green energy, a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that "Offshore hurricanes could demolish half the turbines in proposed wind farms just off the USA's coastlines."[1] On the other hand, offshore oil and gas platforms are becoming more resilient to hurricanes (even though past hurricanes have significantly impacted their operations).[2]

In some cases liberals stop promoting certain types of alternative energy once it becomes efficient, which suggests that some of the push for green energy is due to an underlying opposition to life-promoting energy.

This does not hinder liberals from heavily promoting green energy even though some forms of generating green energy (for instance, solar cells) actually cost more energy to produce than they deliver.

Green energy is also less reliable than nuclear power: solar cells need clear weather to produce energy and wind turbines need wind to produce power. These methods rely on a climatic variable, while nuclear power relies on the nuclear binding energy inherent in atoms.

Green energy technology companies receive billions of dollars in government subsidies, which are arranged by liberal politicians. Much of this goes toward the development of unproven or ineffective technology. Green energy jobs are generally not permanent, lasting only as long as the subsidies that support them. Some Republicans may be accused of being in the pocket of Big Oil, but it is clear that Democrats are in the pocket of Big Green Energy.[3]


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