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Jaime Guzmán, founder of the Guildist Movement.

Guildism (Gremialismo in Spanish) is an ideology that belives in the autonomy of intermediate bodies, which means that once the movement has taken an institution that is in between the State and the Individual, it needs to be depoliticized. In reality this means the capitulation of the guildists to leftists.

The ideology was founded by Jaime Guzmán and today is the main ideology of all the center-right and right-wing parties of Chile (Independent Democrat Union, National Renewal, Evópoli, Republican Party) as well as important movements such as the Jaime Guzmán Foundation and the Republican Action Movement.

Main Principles

  • Autonomy of intermediate bodies: The belief of an organized society that generates groupings for specific purposes (societies in movement).
  • Dignity: Guildism belives in dignity as a principle in the human being.
  • Life: Guildism is Pro-Life and belives it begins from conception been an uninterrupted process until death.
  • Freedom: Every human being can choose their way of acting in society.