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República da Guiné-Bissau

Flag of Guinea-Bissau.jpg
Arms of Guinea-Bissau.png
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Bissau
Government Republic
Language Portuguese (official)
President José Mário Vaz
Prime minister Domingos Simões Pereira
Area 13,948 sq mi
Population 2010 1,966,667 (2020)
GDP 2012 $1.931 billion
GDP per capita $1,222
Currency West African CFA franc

Guinea-Bissau (Republica de Guine-Bissau) is a nation of west Africa. It has borders with Senegal and Guinea, and a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. It has an area of 13,948 square miles (36,125 km2) and a population of about 1.5 million. The capital city is Bissau, and the official language is Portugese. Formerly a Portugese colony, Guinea-Bissau achieved independence on 24 September 1974.