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Hakluyt & Company Limited is a British private intelligence agency, "...staffed almost entirely by ex-intelligence [services] staff", according to a 2006 report in The Times.[1] The company was founded in April 1995.[2]

The name Hakluyt is derived from British writer & explorer Richard Hakluyt (1553-1616), who promoted the colonization of North America and published detailed cartographical maps of "NOVUS ORBIS" (Latin for "New World"). When Christopher Steele left MI6 and set up his own private intel firm (later hired by Fusion GPS to look for dirt on Donald Trump),[3] he called it *ORBIS* Business Intelligence Ltd. This is either a huge coincidence or he was similarly influenced by Hakluyt.[4]

Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax

Hakluyt has direct and indirect ties with several people involved in the Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax.[5]

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