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A hermaphrodite is an animal or plant having both male and female reproductive organs.

The word 'hermaphrodite' comes from the Greek mythological god Hermaphroditus whose own name was a combination of the names of his parents, Hermes and Aphrodite. In Greek mythology Hermaphroditus was originally born male but was then later cursed into a combined male/female form.

Human Hermaphrodites

Often in humans afflicted by hermaphroditism, one or both sets of organs are non-functional, and the condition is considered to be a birth defect, which can be caused by abuses of alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. The abnormality in humans occurs at exceedingly rare interval; the individuals in question are generally not able to reproduce through sexual intercourse.

Sigmund Freud held that all people were hermaphrodites while in the womb, and that this stage affected human psychology permanently. This view is contradicted by modern medical understanding of the process, however, where ultrasounds clearly indicate just one sex of the fetus.

Disproof of evolution

Hermaphroditism, as stated above, can be caused by environmental factors. However, there may be a genetic link. Given this, there is no Darwinian reason for human hermaphrodites to exist, since hermaphrodism does not provide any reproductive or survival benefits. Human hermaphrodites therefore provide yet another challenge to Darwin's theories, often explained away by evolutionists as an "unfavorable" mutation, yet they are unable to explain its repeated occurrence over the ages.

Christian perspective

Christianity teaches that all can be saved through Christ. In most cases, hermaphrodites are more male or more female. Doctors can then perform operations shortly after birth to correct the child to the dominant gender and most hermaphrodites will then lead perfectly normal lives in Christ.

Those who are not or can not be corrected to a dominant gender are not bisexual, and are not permitted to be sexual libertines. Liberals often believe that any person with even marginally ambivalent genitals (or even feelings) may perform whatever sex acts they like with whomever they please. Christians, however, point out that there are many situations in which the Bible mandates chastity. Indeed, marital relations are a gift God gives humans, and a true hermaphrodite may simply not be given this gift, like a person born without legs is not given the gift of running. The latter is not justified in robbing an Olympic athlete of his medal, and the former is not justified in bedding anyone he chooses.