I Timothy

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I Timothy is a book in the New Testament.

Along with II Timothy and Titus it is considered one of the Pastoral Epistles (letters written regarding the conduct of church leaders).

The letter itself states that Paul the Apostle is its author, notwithstanding attacks by liberal theologians on its authorship (along with that of the other Pastoral Epistles).

The main theme of the book is church organization and leadership. Chapter 3 discusses the qualifications for deacons and elders, while Chapter 5 discusses the church's responsibility for the care of widows, respect for elders, and members in general.

I Timothy 2:12 has been the subject of much debate within Christianity: more conservative theologians argue that it absolutely bars women from leadership roles in the church (pastor, deacon, elder) while more liberal ones argue that Paul was only speaking to the male-dominated culture of his day.