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Infogalactic is an online encyclopedia that aimed to be an improved version of Wikipedia. To this end, Infogalactic is a fork of Wikipedia, meaning that its content is derived from a past version of Wikipedia and has diverged from it over time. Infogalactic aspires to avoid possesses the bureaucracy and biases of Wikipedia.[1] Science fiction author Vox Day is Infogalactic's lead designer.[2]

Infogalactic possibly engages in anti-Semitism through their "Israel lobby" articles.[3] The idea that Israel manipulates U.S. foreign policy is a common anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist canard. Infogalactic disparages popular classical liberal Jordan Peterson, and Peterson's article even contains unsourced 9/11 conspiracy theories. Infogalactic severely disparages popular mainstream conservative Ben Shapiro, including as a "neo-conservative" and repeatedly as a "cuckservative." Both Shapiro and Peterson are referred to as "controlled opposition."[4][5]

Planned user preferred perspective based information architecture

Vox Day wrote:

Infogalactic plans to solve the structural problems of a community-edited online encyclopedia through objectivity, proven game design principles, and a sophisticated series of algorithms. Currently in an operational Phase One, the Planetary Knowledge Core has a five-phase Roadmap that its founders claim will eliminate edit warring, significantly improve accuracy, neutralize vandalism and other forms of griefing, and render all forms of political bias on the part of administrators and editors irrelevant....

Infogalactic’s anti-bias architecture will permit users to select their preferred perspective and automatically see the version of the subject page that is closest to it based on a series of algorithms utilizing three variables, Relativity, Reliability, and Notability. This means a supporter of Hillary Clinton will see a different version of the current Donald Trump page than a Donald Trump supporter will, as both users will see the version of the page that was most recently edited by editors with perspective ratings similar to his own.[6]

Use of A.D. and B.C. for dating rather than C.E. and B.C.E.

On February 17, 2017, an administrator at Infogalactic announced: "After discussion in the council, it was determined that we use BC/AD. New articles and edits should use that style. If you are quoting material, use the quoted style (perhaps with a [BC|AD] after dates in the [BCE|CE] style)."[7]


Infogalactic has been blacklisted and most of its articles are filtered/censored from Google search results. Even when one types "Infogalactic" on Google search results, the website won't appear on the first page. The same is not true for Bing.


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