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Vox Day

Theodore Beale, commonly known by the pen name Vox Day, (born August 21, 1968) is an American who politically aligns himself with the nationalist right and traditionalism.[1][2] He is an author, blogger, editor, political commentator and computer game designer. Day is the lead editor of the Finland-based company Castalia House which publishes science fiction, books on military strategy and other works.[3] He is also the lead designer of Infogalactic, an alternative to Wikipedia.[4] He is also the Chief Content Officer of Unauthorized.tv.

Formerly, Day self-identified with the alt-right, but due to the term alt-right being effectively mischaracterized by the mainstream press, he now self-identifies as being part of the nationalist right and believes the mainstream press will not be able to poison the term nationalist right.[5]

When Day self-identified with the alt-right, he wrote:

I think the old conservatives would do well to call themselves Constitutionalists, because it is obvious that the current batch don't give a damn about it. And neither do we of the #AltRight, because it is obvious that the Constitution has not only failed, completely, by its own stated purpose, but is today being used as a means of hand-cuffing the Right. The #AltRight believes in three things:

1. Nationalism.

2. Western civilization.

3. Winning.

Everything else is negotiable or a means to one of those three ends. We aren't conservatives. We aren't philosophers. And we don't care about the Constitution, the Rights of Man, the Enlightenment, the Holocaust, or anything else with capital letters that is likely to get in the way.[6]

As far as a key purpose of the U.S. Constitution, according to Day:

As you probably know, my argument is that the Posterity for whom the Constitution is intended to defend the Blessings of Liberty consists solely of the genetic descendants of the People of the several and united States. Posterity does not include immigrants, descendants of immigrants, invaders, conquerers, tourists, students, Americans born in Portugal, or anyone else who happens to subsequently reside in the same geographic location, or share the same civic ideals, as the original We the People.[7]

He rejects the label of conservative because he maintains that modern-day "conservatives are nothing more than progressives in slow motion."[8]

Day is an advocate of "tribes" and says he supports "the right of tribes of every kind to exist..." (ethnic groups, political groups, social groups, etc.)[9] Day is critical of interracial relationships.[10][11][12][13] In addition, Day believes the United States should and will dissolve into tribes (and ideally peacefully).[14][15]

Day asserts that the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was poor legislation and he believes that "American culture is white culture."[16][17] Day has also advocated European countries sinking illegal immigrant boats.[18] He has called the Norweigan domestic terrorist Anders Behring Breivik "St. Breivik"[19] and alleged that his terrorist killing spree was an act of heroism.[20]

Concerning the notion of white supremacy, Beale has said, "white supremacy simply isn't true. Whites are not superior, but whites are the only tribe willing and able to maintain Western civilization because they are the only tribe that truly values it. The answer for those who support Western civilization, regardless of sex, color, or religion, is to embrace white tribalism, white separatism, and especially white Christian masculine rule."[21]

Day is of English, Irish, Mexican, and Native American descent (Day indicates his brother was genetically tested and that he shared the results with him).[22] Day indicates he has considerable Mexican heritage and is related to Mexican revolutionaries.[23]

Vox Day predicts that the United States will dissolve as a nation and predicts that this will happen by 2033.[24] According to Day, "American freedom has been yielded", but one day it will be free again because "Rebellion is in our blood. Independence is our birthright. Our fathers were the original revolutionaries."[25]

Science fiction writer

Vox Day has authored a number of science fiction works.[26]


Castalia House

In early 2014, Beale founded Castalia House publishing in Kouvola, Finland. He is lead editor and has published the work of such writers as John C. Wright, Jerry Pournelle, Tom Kratman, Eric S. Raymond, Martin van Creveld, Rolf Nelson, and William S. Lind.

Arkhaven Comics

In September 2018, Beale launched a "100% SJW-free" comic book publishing imprint which is now named Arkhaven Comics.

Day and his former self-identification with the alt-right

As noted above, previously Day self-identified with the alt-right, but due to the term alt-right being effectively mischaracterized by the mainstream press, he now self-identifies as being part of the nationalist right and believes the mainstream press will not be able to poison that term.[27]

Vox Day was a vocal proponent of the alt-right and argued that the alt-right will see substantial growth in the short-term and midterm due to immigration backlash and whites becoming a racial minority in the United States (Day argues that whites will embrace identity politics). In addition, Day believed that the alt-right had a long term future, but it must embrace cultural Christianity and support Christian revival if this is going to happen.[28]

Day also argued that right-wing parties in Europe started to grow quickly in Europe after they publicly dissociated themselves with neo-nazis. Day argued that alt-right could do the same. Furthermore, Day argues that Nazism is leftist and never has been right-wing.[29]

Day predicts that Muslims will be expelled from Europe

Day predicts that there will be a Reconquista 2.0 and that Muslims will be expelled out of Europe.[30]

Vox Day's ideological battle related to the Hugo Awards

In 2015, Vox Day and others battled leftists in relation to the Hugo awards which are annual awards given to science fiction writers.[31] On April 4, 2015, Breitbart News reported that "Hugo Awards Nominations Swept by Anti-SJW, Anti-Authoritarian Authors" (SJW is an acronym for the derisive term social justice warrior).[32]

Vox Day's opposition to atheism and evolution

Vox Day wrote the book Irrational atheist and he often criticizes atheism on his blog.[33]

Day is a creationist who believes in interpreting the Bible as literally as possible.[34] As as the age of the earth from a scientific perspective, Day quotes Dr. Sheldon Cooper who said "geology isn't a real science".[35]

PZ Myers' refusal to debate Vox Day

The Christian apologetic website True Free Thinker declares concerning the intellectual slothfulness of atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers:

PZ Myers dismisses Vox Day’s book The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens while admitting to only having read a few chapters.

Yet, he refuses to debate Vox Day on the existence of God, or evolution for that matter (Myers being a professor of biology) based on dismissing a book he barely read (yes, it is merely a lame excuse which he peppered with a barrage of emotive ad hominems) — see Speaking of Assiduous Absconders…Yet Again, Vox Day Challenges PZ Myers to Debate.[36]

Vox Day and Peter Grant launch a boycott of Tor Books

On June 19, 2015 Vox Day and the science faction author Peter Grant launched a boycott due to actions of senior employees of Tor Books which they deem inappropriate. Until the employees are dismissed by their parent company MacMillan Books, they are encouraging the public not to purchase Tor Books.[37][38]

Grant indicates that he wants to help grow the boycott until it has a "seven-figure annual impact".[39] Grant further declares: "What's more, in a SF/F market that's increasingly dominated by independent authors, with cratering sales among mainstream publishers and tight financial margins, even a small boycott may have an impact out of all proportion to its size."[40]

According to Vox Day, although leftists feign indifference to the boycott, his website experienced a cyber attack.[41]

Vox Day wrote:

It's rather amusing to see the many attacks by their own side the SJWs resolutely ignore as they go about their daily posturing and strike their latest outrage poses. Tor employees attack Tor's authors and customers alike, Castalia House has undergone six straight months of cracking attempts, Vox Popoli is now into its third straight day of a DDOS attack, hundreds of people emailing Tor Books have been accused of being bots by Tor employees even as as Tor supporters create fake tweets to feign public support for Tor, and yet science fiction's SJWs still preen and posture as if they're the good guys because a few hundred science fiction readers followed the rules and violated an unspoken gentlemen's agreement to which we were not privy and to which we never agreed.[42]

Google terminated/cancelled his Voxday.blogspot.com blog

Google terminated/cancelled Vox Day's Voxday.blogspot.com blog in 2021. Vox Day is a critic Covid-19 vaccines and that may have been a primary reason his blog was cancelled.

Personal life

Day is an American expatriate who lives with his wife and five children in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland. He owns Cressier Manor in the Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland.[43] He formerly lived in Italy with his wife and children.[44] He left the United States in the late 1990s after being unhappy with its politics/culture (especially its immigration policy).[45]

Day speaks English, Japanese, French, German and Italian.

He is a member of Mensa, a club for individuals that scored in the top ninety-eight percentile on intelligence tests.


Selected book length works include:

Day contributed to:

  • Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed America (2015), John Red Eagle, ASIN B018ZHHA52
  • Quantum Mortis: A Mind Programmed (2014), Jeff Sutton, Jean Sutton. Castalia House. ISBN 978-952-7065-13-6
  • Quantum Mortis: Gravity Kills (2013), Steve Rzasa. Marcher Lord Hinterlands. ISBN 978-952-7065-12-9
  • Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted (2013), Steve Rzasa. Marcher Lord Hinterlands. ISBN 978-952-7065-10-5
  • Rebel Moon (1996), Bruce Bethke. Pocket Books. ISBN 978-0-671-00236-7
  • The Anthology at the End of the Universe (2004), Glen Yeffeth (editor). BenBella Books. ISBN 978-1-932100-56-3
  • Archangels: The Fall (2005) ISBN 978-1-887814-15-7
  • Revisiting Narnia: Fantasy, Myth, and Religion in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles (2005), Shanna Caughey (editor). BenBella Books. ISBN 978-1-932100-63-1
  • Halo Effect (2007), Glenn Yeffeth (editor). BenBella Books. ISBN 978-1-933771-11-3
  • You Do Not Talk About Fight Club (2008), Chuck Palahniuk (Foreword), Read Mercer Schuchardt (Editor). BenBella Books. ISBN 978-1-933771-52-6
  • Stupefying Stories October 2011 (2011), Bruce Bethke (Editor). Rampant Loon Press. ASIN B005T5B9YC
  • Stupefying Stories March 2012 (2012), Bruce Bethke (Editor). Rampant Loon Press. ASIN B007T3N0XK

Books written about atheism

  • On the Existence of Gods by Vox Day and Dominic Saltarelli, Castalia House, 2016
  • The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, And Hitchens by Vox Day, 2014 (Free sample PDF copy)

Vox Day on atheism and autism

See also: Atheism and autism

Meaning of the pen name Vox Day

"Vox Day" is presumably a play on the Latin expression vox dei, meaning "the voice of God". By using this nom de plume, Beale implies that he presumes to speak on God's behalf, while also showing off his knowledge of ancient languages and pun-making ability.

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