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James Richard Majewski is an Air Force veteran and Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for Ohio congressional district 9, in fall 2022.[1] Liberal Democrat Marcy Kaptur is the entrenched incumbent, in office since 1983 in this working class district where only 23.5% of the population has graduated from college.[2] The district was recently redistricted, which reduces an incumbents grip on it.

A strong Trump supporter, Majewski is a solid conservative who opposes radical environmentalism and the rest of the Leftist agenda.

Majewski spoke against the fake Green New Deal at the Trump rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on September 17, 2022.[3]

Liberal commentator Al Hunt identified this race as one to watch closely if Dems are able somehow to hold onto the House majority.[4]

Cook Political Report

The Cook Political Report rates this race as a toss-up. Though judging by the makeup of the district, he is expected to beat Marcy Kaptur.[5]

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