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Jacques Yves-Cousteau (June 11, 1910 - June 25, 1997) was a world-famous ocean explorer who helped French engineer Émile Gagnan improve SCUBA gear with a demand regulator, producing the Aqua-Lung.[1]

Cousteau first joined the French navy in 1933, fought for the Free French resistance during World War II, then remained again in the French navy until 1949.[2] He continued in underwater exploration and leased the ship Calpyso from 1950 to 1997 as the ocean base for his research. His television series The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau ran from 1966 to 1976.[3]

He got caught up in environmental extremism in the later years of his life, advocating for enforced human population control in a 1991 interview,[4] and consulting to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.[5]


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