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Jehoiarib, thought to denote Yahweh pleads or Yahweh contends or whom Jehovah defends, was a High Priest in Jerusalem. (1Chrn. 9:10) Little information is provided on him.

Regarding 1Chrn. 9:10. Keil and Delitzsch understand that,

The three names Jedaiah, Jehoiarib, and Jachin (1Chrn. 9:10) denote three classes of priests (cf. 1Chrn. 24:7; 24:17), who accordingly dwelt in Jerusalem.[1]

The name occurs again in 1Chrn. 24:7 as the name of the family Joiarib among the 24 courses of priests (Neh_1:2, Neh_1:6), the head of which was Matrenai in Neh. 12:19. See also Neh. 11:10.[2]

His “course” went up from Babylon after the Exile (Ezr_2:36-39; Neh_7:39-42).[3]


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