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Jobe Ralph Martin

(President of Texas-based
Biblical Discipleship Ministries)


Born April 30, 1940
Columbia County

Resident of Rockwall, Texas

Political Party Republican[1]
Spouse Jenna Dee Pool Martin

Taryn and Mirren Martin

Religion Christianity

Jobe Ralph Martin (born April 30, 1940)[1] is a former dentist who advocates on behalf of creationism through his Biblical Discipleship Ministries in Rockwall in the eastern suburbs of Dallas, Texas.


Martin was born in Bloomsburg in Columbia County in east central Pennsylvania, and studied biology at Bucknell University in Lewisburg in Union County in central Pennsylvania. In 1966, he graduated from dental school at the University of Pittsburgh and thereafter served for two years in the United States Air Force. He was the dentist for the presidential crew of Air Force One. He also established a private practice in Houston, Texas. In 1971, Martin and his wife, the former Jenna Dee Pool (born May 8, 1944),[2] a registered nurse, moved to Dallas, at which he became professor at the Baylor University College of Dentistry. In 1986, he received the Master of Theology degree in systematic theology form Dallas Theological Seminary. He also procured an associate's degree in business from Eastfield Community College in Dallas. Soon the Martins founded their creation discipleship ministry, Biblical Discipleship Ministries.[3]

Advocate for creationism[edit]

Martin narrates the Creation Proclaims DVD series. In 1994, he self-published The Evolution of a Creationist explaining his journey from establishment belief in the theory of evolution to the view that creationism has far more scientific evidence to support its positions than does the Charles Darwin approach. Mrs. Martin ministers to ladies’ groups and counsels with women. The Martins have two home-schooled daughters, Taryn and Mirren, both of whom graduated with degrees in elementary education from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida. Both daughters subsequently obtained Ph.D. degrees in history. They work in the ministry with their parents and counduct seminars for young women. The Martins reside in Rockwall, Texas.[3]

In The Evolution of a Creationist, Martin espouses the "young earth" of a few thousand years, rather than the millions of years of slow development claimed by evolutionists. He questions the dating method of rocks used by evolutionists, who make unproved assumptions regarding the age of rocks. He emphasizes the lack of "missing link" fossils to show how a lower species turned into a higher form of organism. He argues that "cave men" if they existed and plant-eating dinosaurs lived at the same time as the first people on earth, negating the concept of "pre-history." He also discusses the intricate makeup of many of the lower animals, including the woodpecker, the bombardier beetle, the giraffe, the gecko lizard, the beaver, and the chicken egg.[4] Martin writes on Page 199:

Evolutionists admit to each other that "the creationists have the better argument." This is because what we see in life and in the fossils does not display emerging kinds of plants or animals. Evolution from one cell to man is not scientifically observable at all.

The universe is young - on the order of several thousand, not billions of years old. Man, dinosaur, and mastodon walked the earth at the same time. The "missing links" are missing. God created discrete plants and aninals in the beginning and, with minor variations, these are what we see today. Mutations in the genes do not generate new life forms or even improve present life forms. Mutations harm or kill the organism into which they come. Prehistoric man was either apem monkey, or man and not some genetically evolving apelike man or manlike ape.

The religious quest to prove evolution from the Big Bang to man will occupy the singular life of many but will end in despair for all who pursue the myth of evolutinary faith.[4]


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