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Joseph C. Montana (born 1956) was an American Football player, playing the position of quarterback. Considered one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, he was drafted only in the third round (82nd pick overall) out of Notre Dame.[1] Although Montana led Notre Dame to a national championship, he was twice overlooked in Heisman Trophy voting.

He led the San Francisco 49ers to victories in four Super Bowls during the 1980s and was selected Most Valuable Player (MVP) in three (XVI, XIX, XXIV). [1]

In 2023, an auction record price of $1.21 million was paid for the jersey worn by Joe Montana for two of his Super Bowl victories, including one in which he famously led "the drive."[2] That was more than double the price previously paid for an NFL jersey.

Long-term physical injuries

In 2016, Montana described many devastating long-term physical injuries from which he was suffering from due to his football career, when he was only about 59 years old. The Guardian reported that Montana:

has detailed extensive physical problems caused by 15 years in the [NFL], including knee pain, neck pain, eye trouble – and arthritis that “hurts like crazy” in the middle of the night.[3]

Cannabis investor

In early 2020, "Montana and his virtual currency group, Liquid 2 Ventures, [invested] $75 million into a marijuana company in California" called Caliva, based in San Jose.[4] Previously, in 2017, "he invested in a media company called Herb."[4]

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