John Henry Cardinal Newman

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John Henry Newman (1801–1890), or Cardinal Newman, as he is often known, was an Anglican priest and accomplished poet and author who famously converted to Roman Catholicism. The Catholic Church later elevated him to the status of a cardinal, and he was declared to be "venerable" in 1991, the first step in the process of canonization.

Before his conversion, Cardinal Newman was a leader in the Oxford Movement, which sought to bring the Church of England closer to its pre-Henry VIII Catholic roots. He attributed his study of history to persuade him to become Catholic. Newman went as far as to famously say, "To know history is to cease to be Protestant."

He was the author of many influential books, including the Apologia Pro Vita Sua, the Grammar of Assent, Via Media, and Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine. He was canonised on October 13 2019.