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Joseph Marie Vien (Montpellier 1716 – Paris 1809) French neoclassical painter. He is best known as Jacques Louis David's teacher.

Vien led the fashionable taste in France for subjects from the classics when he returned to Paris in 1750, full of ideas from Rome (He studied in Rome, from 1743 to 1750). Napoleon Bonaparte acknowledged his merit by making him a senator.

La Marchande d'amours (Fontainebleau, 1763) is one of Vien's best-known paintings. His works include "Saint Louis et Marguerite de Provence visitent Saint Thibaud", "La Résurrection de Lazare" (1758), Les Adieux d'Hector et d'Andromaque (1786) and "Cupid and Psyche".

Vien was buried at the Pantheon.


St. Denis Preaching in Gaul, 1767.

St. Denis Preaching in Gaul

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