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Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. is a Pastor, motivational speaker, and author of Christian books, including: "Root and Branch", "The Covenant", and "Did God Create in 6 Days?" co-authored with Dr. David Hall. In this book, the authors discuss the first three chapters of Genesis, in a series of essays designed to further an understanding of the six days of Creation. Both literal and non-literal views are discussed.

Education: The author received a B.A. from Belhaven College in 1968; a Masters from Reformed Theological Seminary in 1971; and Ph.D. from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in 1985.

Dr Pipa served as pastor at Tchula Presbyterian Church, Tchula, Mississippi from 1970-1977; and Pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Houston Texas from 1979-1990 and Pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Escondido, California from 1991-1997. He is currently the President of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Pipa is married with grown children and one grandchild.