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Juan Cordero Hoyos (10 June 1822 - 28 May 1884) was a Mexican painter; one of the best in Mexican XIX century. He studied painting at the Academia de San Carlos (with Miguel Mata), in Mexico City, and at the Accademia di San Luca (with Natal de Carta), in Rome.

Some of his more renown works are: The Woman Taken in Adultery, Columbus before the Catholic Kings, Portrait of Sculptors Tomás Pérez and Felipe Valero, Moisés, La Anunciación, Doña Dolores Tosta de Santa Anna and the mural Triumph of Science and Labor over Envy and Ignorance. This mural according to Diego Rivera marked a new direction in Mexican mural painting.

Cordero Portrait of a Woman with a Cat and Ivy.jpg

Portrait of a Woman with a Cat and Ivy

Cordero Cupola SantaTeresa.jpg

Cupola of the Capilla del Señor in the church of Santa Teresa la Antigua.

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