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Kenneth Mieske, known as Ken “Death”, (1966-2011) American rock musician, white racist, and convicted murderer. Mieske was a homosexual and his case demonstrates that there is no contradiction between Nazism and homosexuality. It supports the view that there is a correlation.


Native of Portland, Oregon, Ken Mieske was a heavy metal rock musician and skinhead. As a teenager, Mieske was the live-in “houseboy” of homosexual film-maker Gus Van Sant, who made a film about the teenage rent-boys of Portland. The film featured Mieske, who was jailed for burglary at one point, and Van Sant made a special film about him called “Ken Death Gets Out of Jail.”

In an interview with The Advocate LGBT magazine, Van Sant said “The subjects of my films… were about gay characters. They were what brought me out of the closet… The films brought me out. That’s what my interest was. These gay characters and gay stories. And I was gay. My private life became my public life.” [1]

Mieske went on to come under the influence of the White Supremacist Movement, White Aryan Resistance (WAR) founded by Tom Metzger. He and two friends Kyle Brewster and Steve Strasser formed a gang calling themselves East Side White Pride (ESWP). He was a hero in skinhead circles with his style of brash punk rock music and blatant racism.

Criminal conviction

In 1989, Mieske and his gang were convicted for the murder of a black Ethiopian student called Mulugeta Seraw, who was beaten to death on 12 November 1988 in Portland, Oregon. They attacked two black men, and clubbed Seeraw to death in the street with baseball bats solely because he was black.

The ESWP gang pleaded guilty. Mieske got life imprisonment, but was still regarded as a skinhead hero by American Vikings. The other gang members were also convicted of murder.

Compensation Awarded

Following their guilty plea, the SPLC sued Metzger and WAR on behalf of the victim's family. A jury awarded them a record $12.5 million. Tom Metzger was personally responsible for $5.5 million of that sum. Metzger lost his house, truck and tools (although $45,000 was returned to him after his house was sold, under provisions of California's Homestead Act) and was required to make monthly payments to Seraw's estate for 20 years.


Mieske died in prison in 2011 of viral hepatitis, a blood disease which is very prevalent among male homosexuals.

Even the pro-gay SPLC admit in their newsletter of 2000 that there is a “significant” incidence of homosexuality among White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

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