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Michel Caignet, real name Miguel Caignet, born Paris 24 October 1954, is a French neo-Nazi, homosexual and pedophile. Founder of the Gay Nazi Party, his career demonstrates the links between homosexuality and pedophilia, and refutes the idea that Nazism is incompatible with homosexuality.


Caignet studied at the Sorbonne and obtained a doctorate in Anglo-German linguistics. He belonged to FANE, ("Fédération d'action nationale et européenne," or "National and European Action Federation") a neo-Nazi group that got into friction with Jews and he was denounced by the weekly VSD (Vendredi/Samedi/ Dimanche). He denied the Holocaust and translated Le Mensonge d'Auschwitz, (The Lie of Auschwitz) by the Danish Nazi, Thies Christophersen, and published it in the periodical Combat Européen. In 1981, he was the victim of an acid attack allegedly by a Jewish group. He suffered severe lifelong scarring.

He went on to become President of the so-called Centre de Culture Européenne (Centre for European Culture) set up by himself and other Nazis and editor from 1986 of Gaie France (Gay France) magazine. Specializing in pictures of young boys, it is sometimes referred to as a "pedophile" magazine, otherwise a "gay" magazine. It mixed homosexuality with Nazism and pagan even Satanic ideas, reaching a circulation of 15,000. He was a founding member of the French Gay Nazi party.

After FANE was dissolved Caignet went on to found the Mouvement Européen (European Movement) with the German Nazi Michaël Kühnen. He translated Kühnen's books into French, including "Lettres de prison" (Prison Letters) and "Homosexualité et national-socialisme" (Homosexuality and National Socialism).[1] He was also affiliated with G.R.E.C.E. another "new-right" group and with a far-left Holocaust-denial group named La Vieille Taupe.

Links to Pedophilia

In 1992 Caignet was convicted of the crime of incitment to pedophile acts for articles in Gaie France. He re-launched it under another title, Gaie France, new series, in 1993, and continued publishing it together with other similar magazines entitled Alexandre, Sparte, Complice, Le Gay Pavois, etc.

Caignet was a lover of Pastor Joseph Doucé, who was mixed up with the infamous CRIES (Centre de Recherche et d'Information sur l'Enfance et la Sexualité i.e. Centre for Research and Information on Childhood and Sexuality) a UNICEF institution that turned out to be run by and for pedophiles. Doucé was murdered in 1992.

In 1997 Caignet was convicted again for involvement in the film company of Jean-Manuel Vuillaume, making child-pornographic films in Colombia. The videos were distributed by a network named Toro Bravo. Caignet was sentenced to four years, served eighteen months, and retired on the profits he made out of the magazine and the videos.[2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

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