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Michael Kühnen, (1956–1991), German Neo-Nazi author and homosexual. His career demonstrates the falsity of the view that Nazism is incompatible with homosexuality.


Born in Hamburg of prosperous parents, Kühnen attended a grammar school in Bonn. He joined the West German army in 1974, and reached the rank of lieutenant but was expelled because of his Nazi sympathies.

From 1983 onwards he led various outlawed groups "Freizeitverein Hansa", the "NSDAP organization Gau Hamburg", the "SA Sturm Hamburg 8 May" and the "Aktionsfront Nationaler Sozialisten" which used the swastika symbol. He was arrested frequently. In Nuremberg he demonstrated on the "Führempore", and dressed in black leather, he tried to hold a rally in front of the Hamburg war memorial.[1] His followers were blamed for violent attacks on foreigners and homosexuals despite the fact that he was, like so many other Nazis, a homosexual himself.

In 1987, Kühnen met Ingo Hasselbach, and together they founded the neo-Nazi group National Alternative (N.A.) which had its headquarters in Lichtenberg. [2]


Kühnen's homosexuality was made public in 1986, and he died aged 35 of side-effects of AIDS. [3] [4]

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