Lady and the Tramp

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Lady and the Tramp is a Disney Classic film. It tells the love story of two dogs, Lady a cocker-spinal that lives with a human family and the Tramp who is a stray dog. The film itself is quite conservative. The film is pro-family, the dogs do whatever they can to protect the human baby from the rat, in showing chivalry. In addition, Lady condemns Tramp for having other girlfriends, after finding out from the pound dogs that his only weakness is that he is a womanizer, thus showing infidelity and promiscuity in a very negative light. In the end, he becomes faithful to her and joins her human family. There also anti-environmental aspects as well, with the dogs learning to understand their place, that although humans come first they still have a place in their heart, as the beliefs Tramp had on humans being so cruel turned out to be false. Also, the iconic Bella Notte scene where they accidentally kiss by eating the same spaghetti took place and was served by the kind-hearted capitalist restaurant owner Tony. On top of that, this is a rarity in Disney Animation to have Christmas depicted in the film and shown in positive light.