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Lamestream science, like the lamestream media, is characterized by senseless reversion to atheistic or liberal theories rather than genuinely considering and publicizing the truth. A style of lamestream science is to ignore and deny every new piece of evidence that disproves the atheistic or liberal theory. Another style of lamestream science is the outright dismissal of any scientific insight that is based on the Bible.

Examples of lamestream science

1. The liberal atheistic theory of Darwinian Evolution
2. The theory of Relativity, several deep problems of this theory remain inadequately addressed in the science community.
3. Global warming a proven liberal hoax even under its liberal euphemistic nickname climate change.
4. Much of geophysics is distorted by liberals in order to preserve their belief in an old earth. A good example of this is radiometric dating which has been proven to be unreliable many times by Christian scientists.
5. Cosmology is also often distorted by liberals in order to provide counter-examples to creationism. For example, the evidence that the speed of light varied in the past is overlooked or dismissed by lamestream scientists because it does not fit their atheistic viewpoints.