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The League of American Voters is a national 501(c)4 non-profit organization created to keep our elected officials in Washington and across the nation accountable. By demanding greater accountability from our officials, they seek to strengthen America's democratic system. Their core issues are defending America's free enterprise system, supporting a strong national defense and security infrastructure, promoting common sense family values and championing the idea that good government is one that is both limited and honest. Membership organization open to members of all political parties who share the group's mission. To further their goals by television and media ad campaigns on key issues, conducting regular vote audits and ratings of Congressmen and Senators, conducting public seminars on key topics and support academic research projects. The League of American Voters was formed in 2009 and is based out of Washington D.C.

They have enlisted Dick Morris and Fred Thompson as spokesmen and fundraisers for the group. Recently, they opposed Obamacare and letting the Bush tax cuts expire. Notably, they became a source that liberals fear and attack. The organization was denied television ad time in several markets by ABC Networks during the healthcare debates.

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