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Like with the misconception about all Hollywood celebrities being pro-gun control and liberal, it is also a misconception that liberals are also pro-Choice or pro-Abortion. While it's generally inadvisable to care too much about what Celebrities have to say, some people ultimately do care, so it's a good thing we have a few on our side.

In addition, a not-widely reported fact was that Nazi Germany, during its reign, also supported abortion of undesirables, and was even in part inspired by the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.

The following is a list generally conservative or libertarian, or even in very rare cases overwhelmingly liberal celebrities who support the right of personhood for the unborn and are against abortion.

Summary list of Celebrity Right to Life supporters

Detailed Profiles of Celebrity Right to Life Supporters

  • Jack Nicholson - although otherwise exceedingly liberal to the extent of voicing support for the Castro regime, Jack Nicholson was staunchly pro-life, citing that he himself had nearly been aborted by his mother as his main motivation for being such.[1]
  • Mel Gibson - He cited that it is not up to humans to decide who gets to be born and who doesn't in a 1990 Barbara Walters interview. In addition, he also spoke out against embryonic stem cell research, citing that it hasn't produced a cure, and only resulted in various malignant diseases among the developing fetus.[1]
  • Patricia Heaton - is notably one of the few Hollywood actresses to be pro-life, which also resulted in her not seeing eye to eye with her fellow actresses. Her stance was such that she frequently takes to Twitter to voice her pro-life stance.[1]
  • Donald Trump - Although he initially voted for pro-Abortion policies, Trump shocked CPAC by announcing a change to pro-life measures, and cited one of his friends having become a father as the main motivating factor in his change.[1]
  • Justin Bieber - Had explicitly compared abortion to killing a baby and cited that as his reason for not supporting abortion.[1]
  • Kenny Chesney - Created the pro-life song Song of my Life, which dealt with a man unexpectedly becoming a father during an unwanted pregnancy.[1]
  • Jordin Sparks - Alongside Patricia Heaton, she is very outspoken about her pro-life views, attending as a keynote speaker alongside Dr. Alveda King, the pro-life niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and also singing at Arizona's 2005 Right to Life conference, and even speaking of her views on Fox and Friends. Also supports abstinence, and is deliberately waiting until she finds her true love.[1]
  • Jim Caviezel - One of the few Hollywood celebrities to be outspoken about his pro-life views.[1]
  • Kathy Ireland - Formerly a feminist, she became a pro-life advocate and by 2011 helmed a right to life luncheon via her religious views, and also cited that part of her conversion dealt with medical books from her husband, an emergency room doctor.[1]
  • Nick Cannon - The rapper created a song, "Can I Live", that denounced abortion, and was based on his own experiences of nearly being aborted.[1]
  • Phil Robertson - Phil Robertson has voiced extensive support for the rights of the unborn, to the extent that he cited that a significant part of the problem with American culture today dealt with the legalization of abortion.[1]
  • Nicole Sherzinger - The star for the Disney film Moana is unapologetically pro-Life.[2]
  • Juan Luis Morera Luna (aka, Wisin) - Refused to abort his baby daughter, even when it seemed very unlikely she'd survive outside the womb.[2]
  • Martin Sheen - Like Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen is otherwise an extremely liberal Democrat. However, he is staunchly pro-life, to such an extent that he outright refused to support Barack Obama for the 2008 presidency specifically because of the latter's pro-abortion stance.[3] He cites his wife as being the reason, as she had been an abortion survivor, as her mom had considered aborting her and even dumping her into the Ohio River, but both times chose to spare and raise her.[4] His Roman Catholicism also played a huge role in his support for pro-Life.[5]
  • Tim Tebow - Aside from his outspoken Christian views, he also had a personal motive for being pro-life, as he had nearly been the victim of abortion, but his mom chose life.[4]
  • Andrea Bocelli - Like Jack Nicholson and Nick Cannon, he himself had nearly been a victim to abortion due to his mother being misdiagnosed as having appendicitis at the time, and as such refused to endorse abortion.[4]
  • Ben Stein He has stated on PBS in 2012 that "The number one issue is right to life. I don’t think the Democrats are very good on the right-to-life issue. People who think of abortion as a reasonable method of birth control just are never going to get my vote.”[4]
  • Matt Birk - Refused to dine with Barack Obama specifically in protest for his radical pro-Abortion stance, including the latter saying "God Bless Planned Parenthood", which had aborted 330,000 fetuses a year.[4]
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas - He provided the voice of a baby in a pro-life ad that provided alternative options to abortion, and was a noted pro-lifer.[5]
  • Janine Thomas - Decried the lack of federal funding for pro-life groups and urged people to not compromise social issues, including especially that of pro-life issues.[5]
  • Ashton Kutcher - The former Two and a Half Men star posted a video on February 1, 2019 that explicitly declared that everyone's life was valuable, and specifically included the pro-life special Olympian and actor Frank Stephens' speech before Congress in 2017 relating to down syndrome-related abortions and the disturbing trend therein.[6]