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List of wars involving the United States

Below is a list of wars since the United States was Founded.

War Dates Allies Opponents Result
American Revolution 1775–1783 13 colonies Great Britain Victory for the British Colonies against King George III. Britain acknowledge the independence of the colonies and signed the Treaty of Paris (1783).
Shays' Rebellion 1786–1787 United States Uprising led by Daniel Shays Victory, however weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation become more acutely visible.
The Whiskey Rebellion 1791–1794 United States Tax protesters Victory with a return to peace and cooperation
First Barbary War 1801–1805 United States Islamic extremists in Tripoli and Morocco Victory; peace treaty
War of 1812 1812–1815 United States Great Britain Disputed
Creek War 1813–1814 United States Red Stick Creek Victory, Treaty of Fort Jackson
Second Barbary War 1815 United States Regency of Algiers Victory; peace treaty
Harpers Ferry 1859 United States Brown rebellion Victory
American Civil War 1861–1865 United States Confederate States Victory; slavery is abolished, reconstruction begins
Spanish-American War 1898 United States Spain, Cuba Victory; peace treaty
World War I 1914–1918 United States, Great Britain, Russia Germany, Ottoman Empire Victory; End of Ottoman Empire, Treaty of Versailles
Russian Civil War 1918–1920 Russia, United States Russian Communists Defeat; Bolsheviks triumph over White Army, USSR established
World War II 1939–1945 United States, Soviet Union, Great Britain Germany, Japan, Italy Victory; End of the Holocaust, Establishment of the United Nations. Cold War begins.
Korean War 1950–1953 United States North Korea Stalemate; Continued presence of United States forces
Bay of Pigs 1961 United States Cuba Defeat
Vietnam War 1965–1973 United States Viet Cong Defeat
Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989 United States Afghan Communists, Soviet Union Victory
Gulf War 1990–1991 United States, Kuwait Iraq Victory
Bosnian War 1992–1995 United States Serbian Army Victory; Dayton Accords
Kosovo War 1998–1999 United States Yugoslavia Victory
Afghanistan War 2001–present United States Taliban, Islamic Jihad Ongoing
Iraq war 2003–present United States Hussein Regime, Islamic State Ongoing
Libyan War February 15, 2011 - October 23, 2011 United States, NATO Gaddafi Regime Victory, See Benghazigate timeline for more detailed info.
Syrian Civil War 2011–present United States Assad regime, Islamic State Ongoing