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Mark Zaid

Mark Zaid is the attorney for Deep State informant Eric Ciaramella.[1] Zaid declared a coup against President Trump and American democracy on January 30, 2017.[2]

A YouTube channel allegedly belonging to Zaid features ‘liked’ videos about “Disney girls.”[3] The channel is in the name of MarkSZaidEsq.[4] The channel contains uploads of clips featuring Zaid, including interviews on Russia Today (RT), which was the subject of former CIA director John Brennan's January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment alleging a "Trump-Russia conspiracy".[5] Gen. Michael Flynn was alleged to be a "Russian agent" for having appeared on RT.[6] The channel also shows videos that the owner ‘liked’, including one called ‘Top 10 prettiest Disney Channel stars’,[7] which shows Disney stars transitioning from children to adults. Other liked videos include ‘Top 10 Disney Girls’ and one called ‘Selena Gomez from child to women’.[8] Zaid has bragged on Twitter that he has gotten national security clearances for "guys who had child porn issues."[9]

Mark Zaid at the grave of John Wilkes Booth, the killer of America's first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

Zaid for a time was the attorney for Louise Mensch until she publicly and unceremoniously fired him on Twitter in 2017.[10] Mensch was the first to report on FISA abuse on November 9, 2016, the day after the 2016 presidential election. Mensch inferred that President-elect Trump was a Putin puppet because the FBI had obtained FISA warrants against his campaign team.[11]

Zaid offered his services to Michael Avenatti,[12] the disgraced lawyer and former Democrat Party presidential candidate arrested on spousal battery charges. According to reports, Avenatti's spouse was a woman. Avenatti was later convicted and sentenced to two and half years in prison on charges of attempting to defraud Nike, Inc. and other clients.

Attorney Victoria Toensing suggested U.S. Attorney John Durham may wish to interview Zaid in relation to the origins of the Spygate scandal and early leaks during the Trump transition.[13]

Personal life

Zaid has stated that he likes hanging around alone at children's water parks.[14]


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