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See also: Molon labe for the historical phrase rather than the novel.

Molôn Labé! is Kenneth Royce's (pen name "Boston T. Party") fictional novel about the migration of conservative-libertarian liberty-minded citizens to Wyoming, where the immigrants take political power through the legal application of the ballot box in a sparsely populated region. The novel serves as a recruiting tool for the Free State Wyoming group. The plot focuses upon a Wyoming Governor who must guide the state as it grows apart from the Federal government.

Explanation of the book's title

"Molon labe" is ancient Greek expression meaning "Come and take them!". It is King Leonidas' defiant reply to the Persians demand at the start of the Battle of Thermopylae for his 300 Spartans to surrender their arms.

Awards and nominations

In 2004 Molôn Labé! was a semi-finalist for the Libertarian Futurist Society's Prometheus Award.[1]

Bibliography - Further Reading

  • Party, Boston, Molon Labe!. Wyoming Javelin Press, 30 January 2004, 454 pp (first edition, paperback), ISBN 1-888766-07-7


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