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Population density is the statistical density in terms of people per square mile or kilometer of an area's population. Areas like Wyoming, Montana and Idado have the lowest population density in the United States; whereas states like California and New York have the highest. Population density is high in the urban areas like cities and suburbs and is low in the rural, agricultural and ranching areas. China and India have the highest population density in the world.

Preparedness Movement is focused on Population Density

The movements seeking to maintain political control of a new location, such as the Free State Project, fcused on migration to a low population density area where they would have a relatively greater political impact. Their choice for low population density is usually in places such as Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, Utah, Kentucky, Tennessee and other low density states like Arizona, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota and Alaska.

Population density is the single most important factor in choosing a survivalist retreat or homestead.

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